I have been thinking, how many friends I have, and how many times do I let them know I think of them. Well, today; I want to let each of you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know that each of us has our own lives, our own families, our own set of circumstances and problems. That's life. Sometimes we communicate them to each other, sometimes we keep quiet and try to handle them on our own. We don't need to do that. we have friends.
A friend is someone who listens  doesn't judge you, even if you repeat yourself. A friend is someone who shares ideas, shares good times and bad.

A friend is someone who knows you fully, and loves you anyway. A good friend will bail you out of trouble, and a great friend will be there right beside you, trying to keep you out of the trouble that awaits . I am so blessed to have so many people I can call friends. Some times we use that word to freely, when we should use the word acquaintance, or fellow worker, neighbor, etc . sometimes it should be this is a friend of my friend, whatever. So,
I try real hard not to say friend casually, because to me, it is almost a reverent word.

Friends, can be friends and never see each other for years, and know each other from site. For me it happened about 8 years ago with a very special friend, We had lost contact for over 30 years. I knew her from her eyes. The eyes, I had looked into for friendship, to tell a joke to, or share a laugh. They eyes, are windows to the soul, it is said. I agree, cause for me, when I saw this person, her eyes said her name, and it was all ok. I was so happy to see her, even under the circumstances.

Then there was the friend who when we found each other on facebook, sent back memories galore. Playing dolls, dress up and other friends names, who had been pushed aside in my memory. She was also able to link me to a few others from school days.

I don't want to wait another day, to tell my friends, I care about them, keep in touch.

God Bless you my friend, and I do care!