Your pathway has been carefully
planned and designed.
Whether you walk it out on the earth
or spend it with Jesus, all will be fine. 
The Word tells us Jesus knew you before you were born.
He tells us your days have been recorded
in the Book of Life where pages are never torn.

Some of you have been discarded and called just "tissue."
Don't worry little one, with God that's not an issue.

Our Father's plans for you will not go astray.
How precious your life is we will still convey.

If you are allowed to complete your journey here on the earth, either way my child, your existence is recorded as a birth.

If you have not been allowed to minister
to those our Father designed for you here,
your place with Jesus has already been marked for you,
so have no fear.

Jesus tells us the angels will teach you
the oracles of God and His ways.
He will prepare you and you will still recognize
and welcome that mother and father in only a few days.

Forgiveness is waiting for those whose heart is heavy
for the deeds they have done,
for you see sweet child
"God never looses even one."