I looked out upon the woodlands,
With their colors of crimson and gold.
The sunlight was dancing upon the leaves,
Such a beautiful sight to behold.

The breeze was caressing the branches,
As each painted leaf hung on tight.
Occasionally blowing the leaves loose,
I watched as they sailed out of sight.

  The squirrels were busy storing their food,
Away in an old hollow tree.
Scurrying about in a frantic haste,
Chattering wild and free.

The deer stood majestically at river's edge,
A silhouette under the sky.
While a doe and fawn drank to quench their thirst,
As the river rolled gently by.

How peaceful the setting,
How quiet the place.
My mind turned to Heaven,
And then to God's grace.

For God created this beautiful scene,
And touched it with color to make it serene.
He lovingly made each plant and each tree,
Then added the animals, for all to see.

I was truly amazed by the touch of His hand,
How awesome the colors that spilled o'er the land.
Our God, our Creator, how Blessed are we,
For the touch of His hand, is in all that we see.