A Heavenly View   

All the beauties of creation, my eyes do behold;
God's gift to His children, more precious than gold.
The tree and the flower, a bird in the sky;
The mountain, the valley, a stream that flows by.
A rainbow in the heavens, God's promise of love;
A sunrise, a sunset, the stars up above.
The tiger in the wilderness, a beast of the field;
All serving their Master, performing His will.
A young mother's expression, a child's tender embrace;
Why I can see my Saviour all over the place!
Some scoff at my Saviour, say He's nowhere about;
Why just look around you, there's not even a doubt!
How can you believe these things just happened to be?
The mountain, the valley, the flower and tree;
When every song of the sparrow, each coo of the dove;
Speaks of my Saviour, proclaims His great love!
I believe in my Saviour, I know He is real;
Why He's living inside me, His presence I feel!
He fills me with rapture, joy, peace and love;
and lifts my spirit to the heavens above!
Why all of man's glory, all our aspirations to fame;
A spider's web in the moonlight puts completely to shame!
So I'll rejoice in His creation, 'till my life here is through;
Then I'll just move up higher, for A Heavenly View!
- Roger L. Peak