IN GENESIS - He's the breath of life.

IN EXODUS - the passover lamb.

IN LEVITICUS - He’s our High Priest.

NUMBERS - fire by night

DEUTERONOMY - He’s Moses voice.

IN JOSHUA - He is salvations choice.

JUDGES - Lawgiver

RUTH - The kinsman-redeemer.

I & II SAMUEL - He’s our trusted prophet.

KINGS & CHRONICLES - He’s soverign.

EZRA - True and faithful scribe.

NEHEMIAH - He’s the rebuilder of broken walls and lives.

IN ESTHER - He is Mordecai's courage.

IN JOB - the timeless redeemer.

IN THE PSALMS - He is our morning song.

PROVERBS - wisdoms cry.

ECCLESIASTES - the time and seasons.

IN THE SONG OF SOLOMON - He is the lovers dream.

He is. He is. He is.

IN ISAIAH - He’s the prince of peace.

JEREMIAH - the weeping prophet.

LAMENTATIONS - the cry for Israel.

IN EZEKIEL - He’s the call from sin.

IN DANIEL - the stranger in the fire.

IN HOSEA - He is forever faithful.

IN JOEL - He's the spirits power.

AMOS - the arms that carry us.

IN OBADIAH - He's the Lord our Savior.

IN JONAH - He's the great missionary.

IN MICAH - He's the promise of peace.

IN NAHUM - He is our strength and our shield.

IN HABAKKUK & ZEPHANIAH- He is pleading for revival.

IN HAGGAI - He restores the lost heritage.

IN ZECHARIAH - our fountain.

IN MALACHI - He is the Son of righteousness rising with healing in His wings.

He is. He is. He is.

IN MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE AND JOHN - He is God, Man, Messiah.

IN THE BOOK OF ACTS - He is fire from Heaven.

IN ROMANS - He's the grace of God.

IN GALATIANS - He is freedom from the curse of sin.

IN EPHESIANS - our glorious treasure.

PHILIPPIANS - the servants heart.

IN COLOSSIANS - He's the God head trinity.

THESSALONIANS - Our coming King.

TIMOTHY, TITUS, PHILEMON - He's our mediator and our
faithful pastor.

IN HEBREWS - the everlasting covenant.

IN JAMES - the one who heals the sick.

IN I & II PETER - He's our shepherd.

IN JOHN & IN JUDE- He's the lover coming for His bride.

IN THE REVELATION - He is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords!

He is, He is, He is.
He's the prince of peace, the Son ofMan,
the Lamb  God, the Great I AM.
He's the Alpha and Omega.
He's the Lord God our Savior, He is Jesus Christ the Lord.
And when time is no more,
He is! He is!


He is my song that I sing

He is the joy that a new day brings.

He is my strength when I am weak,

He is my voice when I speak

He is my friend when I need a hug

He is my lover, when I need real love.

He is the lawyer who pleads my case

He is the only righteous judge who forgives me, then,

all my sins He does erase.

He is the doctor who heals my wounds,

He is my redeemer, and He’s coming back soon.

He is my comforter when I’m feeling down,

He is my angel that is ever present, always around.

He is my provider always supplying when I need help,

He is my water, my bread, stored up on the shelf.

He is my teacher, who shows me what to do,

He is my encourager, when I really don’t want to.

He is that fire burning deep down in my soul,

He is my fortuneteller, for in his hands, my future he holds.

He is the repairman, who comes to fix my stuff,

He is the everlasting father, who is more than enough.

He is the prince of peace; yes a peacemaker is He,

He is my eyes, my light, my pathway, when I can’t see.

He is my mighty counselor when I need some advice,

He is my debt consolidator, for He paid the ultimate price.

He is my hope for tomorrow,

He is my ever-flowing income, so I don’t have to beg,

steal, nor borrow.

He is the mercy, which He renews for me everyday,

He is my truth, my life, the only way.

He is the warden, who unlocks the chains and sets me free,

He is my role model, for I always look up to Thee.

He is the author, the finisher of my faith,

He is the patience that always tells me to wait.

Jesus is my everything, although with my natural eyes,

Him, I cannot see,

Jesus is my everything, my everything,

everything I want to be.

Jesus is my everything, therefore,

I don’t wait until December 25th for him to hear,

How He is my everything, all the time, everyday of the year

(Author Unknown)