After a while you learn
that what you really are
is all the experiences
and all the thoughts you've had
and all the people
who have touched your life,
no matter how briefly.

After a while you learn
that troubles are temporary
and relationships
aren't always permanent.
You learn that
many people come into your life
and fade into forgetfulness
while others remain
as warm places in your heart.

You learn to forgive the bad times
and overcome the resentments.
And you learn to live
with love in your heart
for the good friends
who may not be present,
but who never go away,
because the warmth of their friendship
and their essence lives within you
and becomes a part of what you are.

I thank God for my friendships,
even though there maybe just a few.
For good friends are ...
Among Life's precious jewels, 
Genuine and rare, 
The one that we call friendship 
Has worth beyond compare.

"A friend loves at all times..."  Proverbs 17:17