Love is always waiting
With  joy and peace to share
Each gentle heart is praying
That you will be aware

It only takes a moment
To find someone who cares
To help with all life's burdens
An Angel who is there

The heart of special Angels
Who give us hope from fear
With bountiful good wishes
A friend that's always near

In life our roads are endless
We seek and hope to find
Someone who is caring
Who'll help us in life's climb

What greater love is offered
By gentle Angel wings
To lift us to the heavens
To gather love that brings

Time and sweet compassion
As hearts will gather light
Perhaps some understanding
Will make our days seem bright

Welcome to this loving place
With Angels 2 the Heart
Wings and love and gentle things
Each Angel will impart

So if you feel a moment
When you are all alone
Remember that these Angels
Will make their heart your home.

~ Francine Pucillo ~