Memories of Grandma's World

Grandma's yard was neatly kept
Flowers decked the lawn
And nothing quite stood out so grand
As Grandma's world at dawn.

A lazy cat stretched on the porch
The porch chairs in their place
She'd sit there in the country breeze
To feel it touch her face.

Grandma's house was neatly kept
Keepsakes stood here and there
Braided rugs adorned the floors
And pictures hung with care.

Crocheted doilies brightened tabletops
Perfection beyond compare
Her gifted hands defined her home
And was evident everywhere.

Grandma's heart was neatly kept
Never cruel, harsh or unkind
The love she felt for life itself
Was sweeter than the finest wine.

Now in heaven she sits contentedly
A breeze whispers across her face
She's surrounded by heavenly flowers
And is crocheting angel lace.

Well now, I am not perfection,
and  my house is neatly in disarray,
with the keepsakes scatter here and there.
Just like my grandma thou;
I can tell you who got me what  keepsake proudly .
My pictures, are precious  memories to me.

My heart is full, of love, blessings and sorrow,
but only a few regrets.
You see, I found out that if you let regrets in,
then it takes up to much room,
something else might not have the space it needs.
Love, and blessings for all, sorrow for those who are hurting ,
and for those who we miss ,
because they have gone ahead of us.

So. many years ago, I decided, to turn
my regrets, my problems, my mistakes, over to God,
and let him handle that portion of my life.
Now , that's not to say, I don't make mistakes,
or have a few regrets, but what it does mean,
is that, I know I don't have to bear
the burden of them anymore.
I just talk it over with God, and I know,it will be ok,
if I just let him handle everything.

Sometimes, when I try to handle things on my own,
I find I shouldn't have, I have to be reminded to
trust and obey, and in his time, not ours,
our answers will come.
As time goes by,
I hope you will say my words were true.
I pray for the same for you.

Love, peace, understanding, forgiving
of others and yourself,
and knowing God,
in a very personal way!
I pray for God’s sweet mercy
To shield you.
Gently lead and guide you
Shelter you with grace.

I pray for Godly wisdom
When tempted to the brim
I pray you’ll look to Jesus
And place your trust in Him.

I pray for gentle patience
When pushed beyond the brink
I pray that you’ll be different
Won't care what others think.

I pray for peace and kindness
When you go into the street
I pray that you’ll give mercy
To strangers that you meet.

I pray the door will open
When you seek the narrow way
I pray you’ll read the Bible

I pray for strength and valor
When the world leads you astray
I pray you’ll look to Jesus
The Truth, the Light, the Way.