Tell Me Lord...

Why do the flowers grow in

the middle of the weeds?

They change the landscape

without planting seeds.

They grow strong in ground

that is far from good.

And seem to journey where

flowers never would.

Tell me Lord…

Why do the birds walk

delicately on the ground?

They have wings to take off

and soar all around.

They perch on treetops

and the windowsill,

And then land on the ground

and stand very still.

Tell me Lord…

Why are the clouds

so fluffy and white?

They make shapes by day

and vanish at night.

They look so friendly when

the skies are deep blue,

And scary at times when the

lightening strikes through.

Tell me Lord…

Why do butterflies dance

gracefully in the air?

They were once ugly caterpillars

with long frizzy hair.

They inched so slowly

before the cocoon,

And then escaped from seclusion

like a hot air balloon.

Tell me Lord…

Why are there children with

tears in their eyes?

They hunger and thirst but

folks pass them by.

They seem so empty, scared,

and very much alone,

And I can tell by their whispers

they long to be home.

Tell me Lord…

Why are the scars on your

hands so deep?

They bear the weight of

countless lost sheep.

They look so painful while

You hung on the cross,

And touched by those hands

our sins are now lost.

Why do the trees reach

far into the sky?

The roots grow deep yet

the branches stretch wide.

The leaves seem to rejoice at

the turn of each season,

And float down to the ground

for no apparent reason.


Tell me Lord…

Why do you pursue and

love a sinner like me?

One who repeatedly finds

herself on bended knee.

The one who avoids You

because of strong will,

And You patiently linger

in the pathway...still.