The Glow Of Friendship

Through life's glow of friendship
All love shall abound
In seasons of beauty
The heart has been crowned

When the leaves are burnt crimson
When eyes are amazed
It's nature that takes us
To masterpiece phase

The canvass now colored
With colors so bright
The spirit united
With glow of God's light

The trees so majestic
All landscapes divine
The soul softly whispers
This is God's design

To lift all our spirits
Our burdens and cares
To look to great moments
In seasons we share

So carry this beauty
Within you to this day
With colors that please you
In Autumn's array

For life is a journey
Through seasons we share
And Fall is the answer
To each gentle prayer

So hold hands in friendship
Take joy in this glow
Know that this season
Is life's grandest show.

Francine Pucillo
©Copyright September 22, 2008