Reflect and Pray !
As you walk beside me, Lord,
lead me to recognise you
in all those you place into my life
this day.

Lead me this day, Lord,
to live fully in the present moment
and enjoy all that is good around me.

May all that is life-giving remind me of your life and love
that surround me now.

If I climb the heavens, Lord,
you are there.
If I fly to the point of sunrise,
your right hand holds me fast.
(Ps 139)

This day, Father,
may my eyes be opened
to see the beauty
in all that is ordinary - yet special -
around me.

May the glory of all that you have made
remind me of your presence
and lead me closer to you.

In busy days of noise and action
- and especially when my journey seems long
and my energy is spent -
lead me to be still, Lord,
and discover anew
that you are with me.

Who are we, God our Father,
amidst all of your creation?
Yet you so loved the world
that you sent Jesus, your Son,
to live fully as one of us.
I rejoice that he is beside me now.

Because you are with me, Lord,
I can wait in patience and in hope
for the new life you bring

As art is a journey of discovery, Lord,
so may I grow more aware this day
of your life-giving presence.

It is not only amidst our joys and hopes
but also in our grief and anguish, Lord,
that you are with us.
Sustain us today in your love.

Lead me this day, Lord,
not only to be of service to others
but to ensure
that I find quiet moments
for myself and for you.

I come into your presence, Father,
and ask that you help me
to be as trusting and close to you
as many little children are with their parents.
May my life today reflect
that you rejoice in my company.
May I rejoice in yours.

May my horizon this day, Lord,
not be so foreshortened that I notice little.
Instead, open my eyes
that I may see afar and above
as well as in front and beneath me.
Lead me to keep my life in perspective and balance
and discover that the thread of your presence
is interwoven through the events and people of this day.