I sometimes wonder if in this crazy world around us, how many people sit and think about their footprints of life.
I seen on tv, a young man electrocuted while stealing copper to sell, for his drug habit. It sure makes you wonder ....the poor family, knowing this is how his life will be remembered forever.

We never know if there will be time to say goodbye or not to our loved ones, never know lots of things.

Not me, I want you to know right now, that when I die ,
I will go to heaven in the arms of angels. I will be at peace, I shall never more be tired, sick, or want for anything. If for some reason I have harmed anyone here on earth I am sorry, tell me about it, don't leave it unattended. I want to be at peace, and you at peace as well.

Just remember like I said,   DON"T worry about me, for when I die I will be in the arms of angels, and I will fly home to heaven. I will be a peace, and never more want for anything.


It is not the number
Of steps you take,
Its the footprints
You leave behind.
Its the number of peoples
Hearts you touched,
That measures up your time.
How many people did you help?
How many smiles did you bring?
How many times did you teach
Someones heart to sing?
How many days were brightened,
All because of you?
How many lives were inspired,
Because of what you do?
Remember it is not how many steps you take
That measures up your times
The only things that matter
Are the footprints you leave behind.