How many situations do we face in this life
that look like a mountain with an unending crest.
So we pray for removal because we just can't imagine
that the climbing would still leave us blessed.
But God in His sovereignty always has a purpose
for the steepness and severity of the hour.

Because there on that mountain our faith is multiplied
as we learn more of God and his power.
There in the toiling, where our footing seems unsure
we learn just how human we can be.
And we find our Redeemer as the Rock who is faithful
despite the size of the task that we see.

It's there on that mountain that we lose the desire
to seek comfort & consolation all around.
For the solitude of the circumstance gives God the whole stage
to speak the glory we don't hear on the ground.
And it's there in the uphill battle that we face
where we learn deeper, vital lessons of the Lord.
For we become more wise by seeking His wisdom
through the we are restored.

It's there on that mountain we see God for all He is
and find there are infinite sides to adore.
For the same God who made the mountains climbs them with us
until we say we are blessed all the more.

©Sheila Gosney

For behold,
     He who forms mountains,
     And creates the wind,
     Who declares to man what his thought is,
     And makes the morning darkness,
     Who treads the high places of the earth .
     The LORD God of hosts is His name.   Amos 4:13 NKJV

It's There On That Mountain