"Pray without ceasing." 1 Thessalonians 5:17

There are more things brought forth in this world, because of prayer.

This may not be the exact quote I heard my grandmother say, many years ago, but it was something to that effect. I remember her explaining it to me, was that it was because of prayer,numerous prayers,God heard. He knew what was needed, and he answered, in his time not ours.

This meant prayers for healing, prayers for guidance, prayers for comfort and well being.

This past week has had me praying even harder than usual and I know in my heart that GOD will hear. So I wanted to include everyone in my prayers, not just for themselves but for so many out there I have had witness of lately that need even more prayers than usual. I have some family and friends in desperate need of prayer for all the above reasons, healing, guidance, comfort and well being. I am including myself in this list.  I know that God knows our every need. I know that he is my master, my Lord and my Savior. I know that he listens to me in prayer . I am praying earnestly for some very powerful healing, some very powerful guidance and for the comfort and well being for those involved in the needs of others.

I am not listing names here , no need to GOD knows who they are. I simply am stating the fact that prayers are needed for my family and friends.  If you know me, or my family and friends or not. I ask that you just lift us all up in prayer. So many things right now are troubling, we are simple common people , who I for one will obey his command of Prayer without ceasing.
Join me in prayer, I have dedicated this  page and also my facebook page to these people. I have asked that there be prayers sent from now thru at least Monday tomorrow close. Maybe longer will be needed, but that is a good start, if we do this collectively.

My prayer is Dear Lord, meet with the needs of these people who are affected by illness, unknown circumstances, need for guidance and for their general comfort and well being. I pray earnestly Lord, that you will see to their every need , and those who are affected by them as well. The caregivers, the loved ones, the children, the family and friends who just don't know what to say or do to help. I pray Dear Lord that you will wrap your loving caring tender/but strong arms around them, lift them to your boosom and hold them safely there. I pray Dear Lord, that your will be done. I also pray that those who I have not mentioned here by name, will know that you are with them. let them know this is for them, not for my sake but they will seek you even further for guidance and for support.

Lord Jesus, I also pray for our country, our leaders and our service personell.
Thank you Lord Jesus, you are marvelous, your love sustains me.  Amen